Saturday, February 25, 2012

The end result:

isn't actually an end result. As you might know, I applied to grad school. In the beginning of February, I received the letter I had been waiting anxiously for since January 14. I cried when I read the words "unfortunately" and "regret;" however after a more cautious read, it turns out I'm on a waiting list for the program.

I turned to the Internet and asked what this could mean. Some say my chances are very high, some say it depends on the school, most say to wait on getting any word until at least after most universities host their preview/interview days because that is when candidates are most likely to chose which school they want to attend.

The excitement and strong desire I have to attend this school and program weighs so heavy on my chest: I can't believe I have to wait even longer!  At least I can say I don't know where the month of February went and I'm hoping the rest of the time I have to wait goes just as fast.

But now, the back up job search.
Where to even begin?
One of the graduate assistants in the University Program Board office helped me find a lot of resources. Man, we have THE BEST graduate assistants in our department this year. They're all so kind, intelligent, and willing to go out of their way to help you! By now, it has added up to multiple hours that Anthony has sat down with me and showed me where to find jobs I'm qualified for. Him and Nathaniel (the graduate assistant for student organizations) have both shown me websites to find the best programs in Student Affairs and where they are. I feel so incredibly grateful that I've met them and they've been so willing to help me. After I received the waiting list news, I felt so hopeless, and now I'm not!

My spring break will consist of filling out a multitude of job applications. For everywhere. I'd like to set a goal of about 5 applications a day. If I don't have something lined up in my field or in something related to my field by the end of April, then all of May will be spent looking for jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree, but will at least afford to keep Zach and I out of debt/trouble when we move out there.

Life in general has been better lately.
The two biggest events of my year as National Events coordinator with UPB are officially over and I couldn't be more happy/proud. Cornel West came on January 28 and Sherman Alexie was just this past Wednesday on February 22. Both were very trying experiences, but also incredible learning experiences when it comes to LARGE event planning, and much collaboration.
Sherman Alexie, the author of SCSU's common reading program text, had 900 attendees! Cornel West had 1200, if I didn't mention that already. I am blown away at the success of the National Events this year! As stressed as I've been, it has been so worth it finally being in a position that I'm passionate about. I know I'm going to look back on this year as a difficult one, but also an incredible one. I'm really going to go out with a bang. 

My internship with Element Mental Health Services is going well too. So far I've contacted hundreds of schools and area organizations in the search for support and advertising of the LGBTQA friendly prom we are planning for the St. Cloud area. Someday I'll make a much longer post about it. For now, this post has already been too scattered. I must get ready for a meeting with my supervisors. Adieu!