Sunday, March 25, 2012

A trick to stay happy

As a young woman who frequently struggles with depression, I am constantly searching for ways to combat it. It's especially hard when I'm home alone; somehow my thought process becomes so dark and complex that I just don't know how to get out.

I've recently come up with a good trick to cheer me up, at least for a little while.
Have you ever thought about how fortunate you are?

I'm not talking about fiscal wealth; though, you'd be surprised that in comparison to other parts of the world, you are fiscally wealthy.
I'm talking about when all of your basic necessities are met and then some.

  • I have a roof over my head
  • I am not hungry
  • I have clean, running water
  • I have a husband and we are deeply in love
  • I'm in school, furthering my education and development
  • I have a job (actually, several of them)
  • I have some quality friends
  • I am able bodied
  • I own a computer
  • I have an awesome cat 

After I think about these things, and the various other things I am fortunate for, it's hard to be sad. I'm generally most successful in this trick when I share my fortune or thank someone who aids it.

Try it out sometime.
On Tumblr I follow a blog called delacroix; her real name is Kimber and she also curates the blog FYeahTattoos. I don't know her personally, but she has been very inspiring to me in many ways. Kimber sometimes posts lists she calls Very Good Things where she lists some of the very good things that have happend to her or things that make her happy. I have started doing this as well, but what I have to work on is making these lists not only when I'm happy. It's easy to make these lists when everything seems to be going right for you; we have to try them out when we're in all sorts of moods.

I challenge myself, and you, to more often think about the ways you are fortunate. I can almost guarantee it will make a difference. Here is an example of a Very Good Things list I made today:

  • I have a phone interview on Tuesday morning
  • I have a real shot at still getting in to grad school
  • I'm currently listening to Meat Loaf (heck yes!)
  • Graduation is coming up fast
  • I was told I'm getting a raise at Cenex soon
  • Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is officially available for the season
  • I'm in love with my new piercing
  • Those moments when Odin cuddles between Zach and I in bed
  • The record high temperatures for my last spring in Minnesota
  • Being able to bike around town again
  • Having a lovely balcony to chill on
You get the idea :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

List seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers.
  1. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with personality psychology and even considering a second masters in Personality/Social Psychology someday to complement my eventual masters in Student Development Administration. Maybe I'll use what I've learned from the both of them and have an amazing idea for a PhD or EdD project/research.
  2. In winter I'm a lazy sloth and in the summer I'm all about the activities. The change in my energy level is insane. I'm looking forward to moving somewhere with a less harsh and less long winter so that I'm not a sloth 6 months out of the year.
  3. I have exactly zero regrets about eloping at 20 years old with the man of my dreams and it absolutely does not matter what anyone says to me about it. 
  4. I have a Kristen-Bell-and-Sloths type reaction to chameleons and cats.
  5. I played the viola for nearly 8 years and regret every day that I never kept up with practice!
  6. I've met a lot of famous people through being involved with University Program Board on campus. For instance, B.D. Wong, Sherman Alexie, Cornel West, Reel Big Fish, Cloud Cult, Eric Hutchinson, Quietdrive, Michael UslanJamie Tworkowski, Annie Leonard, Sherwood, and more.
  7. I have 15 piercings and 4 tattoos

I don't know who else to tag! Nobody I know uses Blogger, sadly.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break


Zach worked overnights the first weekend and I didn't do much. I had started polishing my cover letters and resumes to send them out to places in Seattle. Sunday I think I sent out my first 10 or 11 and throughout the week I only added a few more making the grand total of applications I sent out 14.

Erica, my friend from my hometown, drove up to Minnesota from Wisconsin to hang out with people she'd met here and visit with me. We met up in the cities at Chino Latino for my roommate's birthday and from there we went to Gay 90s night club and had a fantastic night there.

Erica and I didn't do much together, but we both needed the break. I showed her around St. Cloud a bit, we hit up the mall and got some amazing deals (for instance, I got 2 bras for $2!). After she left Wednesday I had a 3 to 10:30 shift at the gas station.

Thursday I think I snuggled up with Zach a bit, spent some time with him and sent out a few more job applications, looked at hundreds more. Friday I worked from 1pm to 11pm at Cenex and Saturday took on a 8am to 3pm shift. Went for a run afterwards and while Zach was at work I met up with some people and we hung out at the pubs for a bit. Zach joined us after work and it was fun.

And, suddenly it's Sunday. I've been recovering from last night (and my run yesterday) and playing a bit of video games all day. I watched an australian movie called Mary and Max; it was incredibly sad but a really good story that apparently was based on true events.

It's almost 9pm and soon I'll have to crack open my Personality Psych book and catch up on some readings; but it's okay because I LOVE reading for personality psych. I can't help but want to share/discuss everything I learn.

I do NOT want to go back to the grind tomorrow! I knew spring break would be the biggest tease for my stress. The crazy starts all over: Monday 9am to 11am FORL office, 11:15 to 4:30 Internship at Element, and then from 5 to 10:30 I have a shift at the gas station. If it sounds awful that's because it IS awful. From there the week only gets more full and stressful.

Enough complaining.
I have good news/updates

I spoke with the department chair of the Student Development Administration program at Seattle University because I had some questions regarding my status on the waiting list, what to do about graduate assistantships, and whether I should fill out FAFSA. He instructed me to be "cautiously optimistic" that I will move up the waiting list and be admitted into the program. He also said the search committee loved my application and were sad they couldn't invite all qualified candidates to the program (there are only 25 seats, I believe!) Apparently there have been several candidates who denied their accpetance and he thinks there will "undoubtedly be more."

I started FAFSA yesterday :D
Also, I'm fairly confident in my job search. I am applying to jobs that I feel qualified for and with all of my resume and cover letter practice, they're only getting better and better and I have faith I'll find a job out there. I just gotta keep sending out those apps. I can't get a job if I don't try!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Job Search

is downright daunting.

Of course I'm looking at jobs that I'm qualified for, but I don't feel qualified for them. We all know I've spread myself thin, all over campus and all over town with my jobs/internships/responsibilities, but having ONE job to put all of my time/effort into? I can't imagine it yet. I've never worked somewhere "full time" (I put that in quotes because I've worked 30-40 hours a week somewhere before, but I was in high school/college, so it wasn't during the day nor my focus nor professional.)

I feel confident I can do these jobs, but I am unsure of how to express it in my cover letters and resumes. I honestly think it's going to take a lot of research and drafts to get it right. Thank goodness we have a Career Services office I can utilize! They really helped me with my resume and cover letter for grad school, so I'm sure they'll be helpful in my job search materials.

So far I've mostly looked at administrative positions in community colleges, mental health facilities, and a few in customer service. I haven't been limiting my search at all. In fact I have about 20 positions bookmarked in my browser, about 25-30 saved in higher education sites, and maybe 15 tabs open right now. And the best/worst part? Seattle Craigslist posts SO MANY jobs every single day that I am qualified for and could apply for. I really just have to sit down and DO it.

Before I dive into the job hunt/applications, I have a few midterms to finish up and papers/journals to do. It's so hard to concentrate on them, though, when I'd much rather have my future lined up and waiting for me. It's time for me to study counseling ethics and personality psychology now, adiĆ³s!